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 Yeah! I completed my Basic Rider Course this weekend and had soooooo much fun, and it did not hurt that one of my rider coaches was pretty cute! I cannot believe how much you can learn in two days. I had never ridden a street bike before, except as a passenger, so I was a little nervous, but that only lasted about twenty minutes. Once you go through the first two exercises you realize these people really know what they are doing and the exercises build your confidence very quickly. Not yet a pro, but I am on my way! If you even have a minor itch to learn to ride I suggest you take this course, you will have a blast! I wanted to walk into a dealership the second I was done… though, sadly, my pennies did not quite add up.

Now all I need is a bike and a patient riding partner - easier said than done. Thank goodness the weather was on my side, because if I had to wear my rain suit I would have looked like a Moonraker! (Really not a good look for me.) – Stacey



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